MATLAB File Help: HebiGroup/getNextFeedback
 getNextFeedback returns the next new synchronized feedback.
    This method returns the next available feedback. This function
    ensures that feedback will not get returned multiple times. If there
    already is new feedback available, then this function returns
    immediately. If no feedback is available, this function waits until
    new feedback arrives or a timeout is reached.
    If this function reaches the timeout, it will either throw an error
    (live groups) or return an empty matrix (log replay groups). If this
    happens, make sure that the hardware is turned on and that the feedback
    request rate is set appropriately.
    'Timeout' Parameter sets the timeout in seconds.
    'View' Parameter
       'Simple'   returns basic feedback. This is appropriate for most
                  users. (default)
       'Full'     returns all available feedback. This is appropriate
                  for advanced users that care about additional
                  timestamps and less common sensors.
       'IO'       returns the state of pins on an IO board.
       % retrieve feedback from group
       group = HebiLookup.newGroupFromFamily('*');
       simpleFbk = group.getNextFeedback();
       fullFbk = group.getNextFeedback('View', 'full');
    Note that creating a feedback struct can be expensive in some time
    critical applications. For such cases, there is a way to reuse
    existing structs.
       % Reuse struct using standard syntax
       reuseStruct = group.getFeedbackFull(); % create once
       while true % reuse in loop
           fbk = group.getNextFeedback(reuseStruct);
       % More optimized syntax
       fbk = group.getNextFeedback();
       while ~isempty(getNextFeedback(group, fbk))
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