MATLAB File Help: HebiTrajectoryGenerator/moveLinear
  moveLinear moves between waypoints in straight lines in
  workspace, based on kinematics that were defined when setting
  up the trajectory with HebiTrajectoryGenerator(kin).
    This method works the same as moveJoint() with the only
    difference being that the resulting trajectory represents
    an approximate straight line in cartesian workspace
    Because the underlying IK relies on a local optimizer, the
    generated trajectory and waypoints for large motions, 
    particularly large changes in orientation, may be poor.
    Therefore it is recommended that you use this function for 
    moves that are in similar parts of the workspace and have 
    relatively small change in orientation of the end-effector.
    This method is a 'blocking' call, which means that the
    function will run until the execution of the trajectory is
    completed.  If you need to access and react to feedback
    while a trajectory is being executed, use NEWJOINTMOVE to
    make the trajectory and then us TRAJECTORY.GETSTATE to 
    directly access commmands in a loop.
    moveLinear is a convenience wrapper that is equivalent
    to manually calling the following:
       traj = trajGen.newLinearMove(positions);
       trajGen.executeTrajectory(group, traj);
    Please refer to the documentation of newLinearMove and
    executeTrajectory for more information.
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