MATLAB File Help: HebiTrajectoryGenerator/moveJoint
  moveJoint creates a joint-space trajectorythat moves 
  between the given waypoints, and executes the trajectory on a
  group of actuators.  The trajectoty will start and stop at 
  the first and last waypoints and will move thru any 
  intermediate waypoints without stopping.
    This method is a 'blocking' call, which means that the
    function will run until the execution of the trajectory is
    completed.  If you need to access and react to feedback
    while a trajectory is being executed, use NEWJOINTMOVE to
    make the trajectory and then us TRAJECTORY.GETSTATE to 
    directly access commmands in a loop.
    moveJoint is a convenience wrapper that is equivalent
    to manually calling the following:
       traj = trajGen.newJointMove(positions);
       trajGen.executeTrajectory(group, traj);
        group     - HebiGroup containing the actuators 
        positions - [numWaypoints x numModules matrix] of 
    Please check the documentation for newJointMove and
    executeTrajectory (direct links below) for information 
    on available parameters for these functions.
       % Move between waypoints with stops in between
       numWaypoints = 20;
       positions = rand(numWaypoints, kin.getNumDoF);
       for i = 2:numWaypoints
            start = positions(i-1, :);
            finish = positions(i, :);
            trajGen.moveJoint(group, [start; finish]);
       % Move through multiple waypoints at once
       numWaypoints = 20;
       positions = rand(numWaypoints, kin.getNumDoF);
       trajGen.moveJoint(group, positions);
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