MATLAB File Help: HebiKinematics/getGravCompEfforts
  getGravCompEfforts calculates joint efforts that compensate 
  for gravity.
    This method computes the efforts that are required to
    cancel out the forces on an arm caused by gravity
    'Positions' argument expects a [1 x numDoF] vector of 
    positions of all degrees of freedom.
    'GravityVector' argument expects an [3 x 1] vector of the
    direction of gravity in the base frame.  Note that this
    direction vector is not required to be unit length, and 
    gravitational acceleration is assumed to be 9.81 m/s^2.
       % Compensate gravity at current position
       fbk = group.getNextFeedback();
       gravity = [0 0 -1];
       efforts = kin.getGravCompEfforts(fbk.position, gravity);
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