MATLAB File Help: HebiKinematics/addBody
  addBody adds a body to the end of the chain
    This method creates a serial chain of bodies that describe
    the kinematic relation of a robot. A 'body' can be a rigid
    link as well as a dynamic element. More detailed
    documentation on body types and parameters can be found at:
    The 'Type' argument specifies the type of module or body
    that should be added. Currently implemented types include:
      X-Series Types            Required Parameters
        'X5-Link'               (Extension, Twist)
        'X5-LightBracket'       (Mounting)
        'X5-HeavyBracket'       (Mounting)
      S-Series Types
        'S5-Link'               (Extension, Twist)
        'S5-ElbowLink'          (Extension, Twist, 
                                 Extension2, Twist2)
      Custom Types
        'GenericJoint'          (Axis)
        'GenericLink'           (CoM, OutputTransform, Mass )
    Some types may require a set of parameters. Parameters
    that are not required by the specified type are ignored.
    Potential kinematic parameters include:
        Parameter          Size    Units      Synonyms
        'Extension'        1x1     [m]        ('ext','ext1')
        'Extension2'       1x1     [m]        ('ext2')
        'Twist'            1x1     [rad]      ('twist1')
        'Twist2'           1x1     [rad]
        'Mass'             1x1     [kg]
        'CoM'              3x1     [m]
        'Axis'             1x1     [x|y|z|rx|ry|rz]
        'OutputTransform'  4x4                ('output','out')
        'Mounting'         1x1     [left|...] ('mount')
    Additionally, there are optional parameters that can be used
    to control the behavior of joints when calculating inverse
    kinematics with HEBIKINEMATICS, or generating trajectories 
    with HEBITRAJECTORYGENERATOR. Joint limits are applicable
    to all joints and expect a [min max] vector without NaN.
        Parameter          Size    Units      Synonyms
        'PositionLimit'    1x2     [rad|m]    ('PosLim')
        'VelocityLimit'    1x2     [rad/s]    ('VelLim')
        'EffortLimit'      1x2     [Nm|N]     ('EffLim')
        'Mass'             1x1     [kg]
       % Setup a common 5 DoF X-Series arm configuration
       kin = HebiKinematics();
       kin.addBody('X5-9', 'PosLim', [-pi +pi]);
       kin.addBody('X5-HeavyBracket', 'mount', 'right-outside');
       kin.addBody('X5-Link', 'ext', 0.350, 'twist', pi/2);
       kin.addBody('X5-Link', 'ext', 0.250, 'twist', pi/2);
       kin.addBody('X5-LightBracket', 'mount', 'right');
    More information can be found at:
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